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starting a new business

Starting a new business is a significant undertaking for anyone.


What you want to do right, but don\\'t want to devote a lot of your own skills and energy to, is setting the business up with the tax and legal authorities. But you don\\'t want that to be a significant cost to you getting going.


We help dozens of clients every year start up new Limited Companies and Sole Trader businesses.


As well as some of our core services that are especially applicable to business startups, we can help with...

• Business structure decisions - should you be a Sole Trader or Limited Company? We will talk you through which is best for you.

• Formation of Limited Companies: same day, your choice of name, all documents provided.

• Notifying the relevant authorities (HMRC and Companies House – if applicable) in form and format of your Sole Trader or Limited Company start-up.

• Setting up VAT, Director Payroll and Companies House Registration and regulatory systems for Limited Companies


We\\'re specialists at it, and can make it simple, pragmatic and cost-effective - and talk benefits and pitfalls.  It doesn\\'t need to be a costly process.  You\\'ll be surprised at how inexpensive and simple the setup process is in the hands of a specialist.


If you want a quick chat about it, drop us a line on info@foxboro-business.com - no obligation.





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